Agerpres (english): President Iohannis visits ‘Step by Step’ alternative education school, effortlessly interacts with children

President Klaus Iohannis visited the ‘Step by Step’ alternative education school in Bucharest this Saturday, on the International Children’s Day; the students presented him with a cat made from recyclable materials.

Iohannis said he very much liked the open and outspoken way of the children who learn at this education unit.

He also congratulated the parents who had the courage to enroll their children at a school with an approach that is slightly different from the beaten path.

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Preşedintele Klaus Iohannis a vizitat sâmbătă, de Ziua Internaţională a Copilului, şcoala „Step by Step” din Bucureşti, unde a primit cadou o pisică din materiale reciclabile făcută de elevi.